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Signature Brow shape & Dye

Signature Brow Shape & Dye



The Ultimate brow makeover. Your therapist will use a range of techniques. Brow Code or Bronson Hybrid dye application, waxing and tweezing to shape and achieve a desired look.

Signature Brow Shape & Brow Code Dye  | $49

What is Brow Code dye? Brow Code Hybrid dye is a hybrid gel that has the same affects as henna. This means it gives longer lasting affects on both the skin and hair.


Signature Brow Shape & Bronson Dye  | $49

BRONSUN® is the first gel dye with henna effect. Highly pigmented dye tints both hairs and skin, providing a graphic and intense result. The ammonia-free formula guarantees a gentle effect on hair structure.


Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress
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