M. Pen Ultimate Microneedling


- Stimulates fibroblasts and the productions of the elastin & collagen

- Activates the skin repair mechanisms

- Reduces expressions lines, pore size appearances of hypertrophic scars and stretch marks 

- Improves skin firmness

- Stimulates the hair follicles 

Choice of Ampoule:

1. Depigmentation Solution with Brightening Effect Ampoule: Brighten up dull skin & fade away pigment to unify and restore skins brightness.

2. Facial Tightening Solution Ampoule: Facial firming with tightening effects to stimulate collagen and fibroblast production in the areas effected by the passage of time.

3. Centella Asiatica Ampoule: effective ampoule improving hypertrophic scars including acne scaring

4. Photo Ageing Solution: Rejuvenating action with flash effect. Boosts radiance. Sun protection, antioxidant, moisturising and firming action. Corrects fine lines, counteracts loss of tone.

5. Mesotox Solution: Reduces & Prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Boosts the effectiveness of Botox in the skin and extends its effect over time.

6. Mesopeptide soloution: Promotes dermal thickening, Improves the firmness and structure of the extracellular matrix, Stimulates collagen synthesis, Elliminates wrinkles, Firms and moisturises the skin.