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3 in 1 Matt Tinted Protector

Naturally shield and nourish skin every day with this free radical-inhibitor, vitamin-infused matte sun protection. The formula includes Vitamins A and E, which play important roles in balancing skin’s natural defenses. Furthermore, infused with Aloe Vera, a long-celebrated ingredient that assists in epidermal hydration and purification, also makes an appearance for an added boost. As a result, bask in pure mattness all day, while confidently knowing that skin is being capably moisturised from within.

The 3 In 1 Matt Tinted Protector naturally shields and nourishes skin every day with this free-radical quenching, vitamin-infused matte, universal-tinted formula. Providing sun protection plus environmental protection, while helping to correct uneven skin tones with an immediate refined finish.

3 in 1 Matt Tinted Protector

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