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Back & Booty Facial / $165 

We have specifically designed this body treatment to target those hard to reach areas, that tend to be forgotten or neglected.

Using our newest body range Cocoon Luxury Australia, our Back & Booty Facial  is not only calming and relaxing, it will help to detoxify, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.

Your therapist will begin your treatment with a back and booty cleanse and exfoliation using our Organic Magnesium Rich Body Polish to gently cleanse and polish away dead skin cells, followed by steam and hot towel removal.

While you lay there relaxing, your therapist will perform a hot stone placement along your back to help align your bodies energy.

As your now feeling calm and at ease we then use our Marine Organic Anti-ageing Mud Mask to coat the back and booty and wrap you tightly in a warm foil blanket to relax. Once your skin has soaked up all the Goodness from your body mask, we then follow with a hot towel removal and finish with our Organic Anti-ageing Body Balm.


  • Exfoliating, Firming and Energizing

  •   Aids Muscle Recovery

  •  Improves Blood Circulation

  • Anti-ageing, Hydrating, Strengthen & Repair, Soothing, Protecting



Your treatment will go for 1Hour 


Add on a LED treatment to help diminish the appearance of acne on the booty or back!

$40 for 30 Mins

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