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Cosmelan Professional 
depigmentation peel

Certified Depigmentation Clinic


The Cosmelan Peel is the worlds number one leading depigmenting peel treatment. Its exclusive formula has been demonstrated to achieve incredible results on over one million clients world wide. More than a treatment, Cosmelan is the complete method that involves a single session in clinic, a mask will be applied and will be left on the skin between 8-12 hours depending on your skin type,  you will also receive all your Mesoestetic products to continue your skin journey at home.  The Cosmelan Peel is designed to eliminate or reduce dark spots of melanic origin on the skin, while unifying the skin tone and enhancing skin luminosity. At Radiant Glow we recommend a skin consultation before following through with the treatment to ensure it is the correct procedure for your skin. ​


  • Induces a quick depigmentation action

  • Highly effective for all kinds of skin blemishes melasma, pregnancy blemishes, sunspots, blemishes due to oral contraceptives, etc. 

  • The Cosmelan method can be initiated at any time of the year, provided the client uses sun protection on a daily basis, so as to permit exposure to the sun without negative effects on the areas being treated. 

  • The Cosmelan method is compatible with any skin photoype. 

  • Wide margin of safety

Book a FREE skin consultation today.


*price includes: 
Complimentary skin consultation and pre-peel. Cosmelan treatment, take home products and complimentary post treatment facial. 


Having preformed over 20 Cosmelan Treatments, we are one of the leading clinics for Cosmelan in Mandurah.

To view client portfolios visit us in clinic or see our Facebook and Instagram.

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