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Mesoestetic Advanced
Specialised Facial

Introducing our Age Element Facial / $179

The first antiaging complex with proven epigenetic action.
Environmental conditions, experiences and lifestyle are the main activators of epigenetic mechanisms, while also promoting and accelerating the main visible signs of age.

Using patented technology, the [meso]epigen system™ offers the first anti-ageing complex with proven epigenetic action to:

  • Combat ageing from its origin

  • Corrects the visible signs of ageing

Age Element is formulated with 3 epigenetic active ingredients, helping combat ageing from its origin to assist skin to recover its regenerating and proliferating activity, targeting visible signs of ageing, providing a firmer, more radiant and younger-looking skin.

The Age Element diagnosis system™ analyses skin needs, lifestyle and conditions, alongside identifying the epigenetic variables that can affect the ageing process. This allows us to design a customised protocol, combining 4 different boosters to obtain maximum results, including brightening, firming, anti-wrinkle & redensifying.

An innovative, highly effective, age management treatment program for all skin types and ageing concerns.

Model Applying Cream
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